Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hawaii!!! Day One

A day on an airplane tires me out more than just about anything. Today, 6.5 hours was worth it though, because now I'm in Hawaii! I'm blogging from my nicely big bed doing my best to stay awake long enough to finish this.
So, I'm a chaperone for a high school band and orchestra that my roommate teaches, and here we are! There are 37 high schoolers and about 10 chaperones. The kids are fun and I think they're as happy to be here as I am.
My plane ride was way smooth, but the guy next to me was rather big and snored a lot. When we landed, we each got a fun lei and a coach ride to our hotel. Here's my lei, telling you how I feel about my trip so far:
We are in Waikiki and like a block from the ocean! The weather is ideal. We all went to a mall down the road from our hotel and watched part of a little show with singers and hula dancers. It was a nice sit-down thing to enjoy. I had sushi for dinner with a couple other chaperones and it was so good! I got so full, it was awesome. At this point my body feels like it's 2am. At least I'll be adjusting to the time difference quickly.
Tomorrow I'm going to the Pearl Harbor memorial and then spending the afternoon at the beach. Did I mention my bed is big and comfy? Come back soon for more!

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