Tuesday, July 15, 2014


You guys, I'm seriously so good at making mix-tapes. I mean, they're actually CDs, but the term from 30 years ago is way better.
Here are the reasons why you should hope to someday receive a CD from me at least once in your life:
- I personalize EVERYTHING.
- I use Sharpies to decorate the CD and make it super awesome. I am a crappy drawing-artist, so I usually go for abstract shapes and lots of color and fancy writing.
- I pick each song carefully and the order in which the songs so is also a big deal.
- I choose songs that you already know and love, as well as a couple new songs that I think you would also like a lot. And I usually throw in a random funny track, just to keep things interesting
- I fill that CD up! I bet that 99% of all CDs I've ever made had more that 78 minutes of music. 
- You can be sure that there will be songs that mean something to our friendship too, so there is sentimental value.
- If you are really lucky, I sometimes even make a CD holder/case and decorate it too.

Because CDs aren't used much these days, I've even made a digital mix-tape on a flash drive and it was awesome too.
As a final point, I had like 36 hours notice a few months ago that I needed to provide the music for a wedding reception. I was a little unsure about it all, but I guess I was the only hope/last [minute] resort, so I acquiesced and got to it. I made sure that there was plenty of family-appropriate dance music from many genres and artists, and hoped for the best. Might I humbly say: it was so freakin' perfect! Every song was a good match and people were dancing the WHOLE time. I even got a direct compliment from the bride's uncle, which meant a lot to me. 
Maybe I should abandon all my responsibilities and goals and be a DJ for weddings or church dances and stuff. I could probably do just fine in that line of work. 
Anyway, If you happen to have a mix-tape from me, besides just loving the CD and stuff, know that I made it just for you because you are super cool!

(I should not blog at 2:30 am.)

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