Thursday, August 29, 2013

Not Very Exciting News

To keep myself busy and to keep this blog from slowly dying of neglect, I've decided to once again do a "blog everyday of the month" thing, starting this Sunday the 1st. Until then, I'll try to make a [mental] list of things to blog about, but also, dear reader, take this chance to comment on possible topics for me to wow you with. My knowledge is vast and my imagination is psycho and I can make up very interesting facts if necessary. The posts may be dull, they may be repetitious, blah blah blah, but I'm doing this for funsies and for myself, I guess, and you can be a passenger along the way.
Also, my 100th post will be coming up shortly, so that should be epic, I'm sure.
Here's a video I found on YouTube. I'm not saying I love it or hate it, I'm just saying I found it on YouTube. Enjoy it if you want.

See you Sunday.

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