Friday, July 26, 2013

Moving Out!

It's been a few weeks since I've written anything here, but not that much has happened until more recently...
About two weeks ago I went to Idaho with friends to another friend's wedding. Many hours were spent in the car to get there and back, but it was fun being with the old gang just like in times of yore. The wedding was nice and I even got to be a stand-in for someone's husband who was unable to make it to the reception for photos. I mean, my face will be photoshopped out and replaced with the real guy, but NEVER will that family forget it was I who really stood with them in that picture.
After the seemingly-long weekend, I was back at work on Monday when I got a phone call from Momsie saying that Dad was in the hospital. That's never news you want to hear. I left work and met them at the ER after they'd been there for a while. The doctors were doing all sorts of ultrasounds and blood work on my dad to see what the problem was. After an entire week at the hospital and lots more tests, my dad had a pretty bad case of pancreatitis. It was also discovered that his gallbladder was to blame, so they're gonna tear that thing out one of these upcoming days.
I went to my cabin last weekend, and even though my parents were at the hospital, it was nice to be able to relax away from home. There was a bit of rain and the weather was cool. My Mom's sisters and their families were there, and it was nice to catch up. We colored psychedelic animals with fancy prismacolors and watched Watcher in the Woods, a "scary" movie disney released in 1980. It's especially fun because one of my aunts is named Nerak, so... yeah, it's a special movie.
Amid all that, I finalized plans to move into an apartment in town, and today I took the first small batch of stuff over. Being a grown-up, it's high time that I leave this nest (again). The room is a little smaller than the small room I have now, but the layout will work better for my stuff, I think. I took over my books and winter wardrobe, stuff that I won't need in the next few days. I even got a house key. I feel so independent!

Well, this short post has taken me like 3 hours to write because I get distracted too easily. I've watched part of Brother Bear, played that Candy Crush game (which makes me feel like a drug addict while waiting for more lives), ate some chips'n'dip, and even bought myself a half-birthday present - a Kindle!! Sometimes you just have to treat yo self!

As my life goes on and more adventures happen, I'll keep writing. Come back for more!

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