Tuesday, July 2, 2013


My brother and his wife had their first baby about 2.5 months ago, and tonight I get to babysit!
She's such a cute little girl and not very fussy, though she started crying about 8 seconds after I took the picture. 
I hope that as she gets older she'll like some of the same stuff I do, like kid-appropriate scary movies and stuff so that she doesn't grow up to be a wuss. I'm sorry, but if a grown person says they can't watch 'Return to Oz' or 'Little Nemo' because it scared them as a kid, I just want to make fun of them. My niece will not be one of those kinds of people if I can help it!
I'll also teach her how fun it is to play tag in the dark when she's older and how to swing a feather pillow to floor her opponents. 
Anyway, she'll grow up to be awesome!

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