Monday, April 30, 2012

BEDIM 1 - Blog Every Day In May

Well, it's May. A friend of mine did a thing on his Youtube channel last year called "VEDIM" (Vlog Every Day In May) and I though that it was a good idea, so I'm doing a BEDIM (the B stands for Blog). My friend DID sorta give up around the 24th, and I'm half expecting to do the same, but I'll try to finish successfully nonetheless. Since I'm sure that I'll have a hard time thinking of something new and amazing every day, I'll likely use the "random topics generator" I found online, so you can expect to read some random stuff too.
Does all this sound completely uninteresting yet?
So. I've been in Korea 9 months this week. Time seems to speed up the older I get. I wonder how it must feel for someone in their 80s... I only have 3 months left (give or take a few days), and I'm already looking for a job for when I get back. I have to admit that the whole job-hunt is kind of depressing and definitely frustrating. It seems that all the places that I feel qualified to work have requirements that would take me a couple more years to attain. Anyway, though it's not exactly fun, it is a chance for me to start again and choose a new direction to go. (I sound like Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec. Lit'rally.)
Well, today at work I volunteered to work an extra few hours to help out with movie night (It's two extra hours and more money than I could shake a stick at), so I'm in for a long day, but at least for movie night it will be easy. I think we'll be watching Toy Story with the students.
Speaking of Toy Story, I have a fond memory regarding that movie: back in 1995, my dad took me and my brothers to that movie. It was fun. That's all.

After reading over what I've written so far, I worry. If this is what my first BEDIM is like, I'm afraid that the rest will be just awful. If I don't post this blog on Facebook then it doesn't seem to get read, so maybe people won't notice?

Well, anyway, here it goes...

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