Friday, June 17, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering (And You Probably Weren't)

If someone had asked me (and believe me, they did) a few months ago when I would be in South Korea, I would have told (and did tell) them I would be leaving early June. That is why I gave my notice at work so long in advance: because it seemed a sure thing that I would be leaving about June 7th or so.

Fast forward to now and I'm still in the basement with almost nothing to do.

The main hold up in getting myself to Korea is that they have to have a copy of my diploma, which won't be delivered until August. The guy in charge of the program I'm going to teach in is super nice and SO helpful, and after he was able to talk to Immigration about the situation I was given permission to have my school's registrar create a "Letter of Verification" and use that.
So I called my university and explained my situation to the registrar and that I needed the verification letter. She was understanding and told me that in my situation they can actually just get my diploma to me early. That would have been nice to know a month ago.
So by next weekend I should be able to have my diploma and get it apostilized (that's sorta like a visa approval stamp). I'm getting closer, but I still have probably a full month before I depart.

Now that I have a more realistic and hopefully sure idea of when I will be leaving, I'm free to make short term plans and have some fun while I wait. Most notably I'll be able to go to Harry Potter opening night. My childhood can go out with a bang (and with my friends, too).

As for right now, I'm packing to go to my family's splendid cabin in the misty mountains for the next 2 days. The cabin isn't anything fancy, but I love it!

So, in case you were wondering, that is what is up with me.


  1. I actually was wondering. So there.

    Also--Have you seen once more, with feeling yet? Have you?

  2. Kitty! I did watch "Once More, With Feeling!" and I liked the episode. I even got the sheet music and got it bound. Then I decorated the cover. I lost steam and haven't watched anything beyond episode one of Season 4. I kinda burnt myself out.
    Anyway, Thanks for the comment!