Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

Yesterday was Good Friday, and I didn't have school or work. Because I had no reason to wake up early, I stayed up late the night before, which did cause me to sleep in. Sleeping in almost always makes me feel lazy and worthless, but waking up early almost always makes me feel tired and angry. Nevertheless, I did get a lot of cleaning done. I called it "Spring Cleaning: Part I" because I still have a little bit more to do. I vacuumed my room twice because I like the carpet to feel fluffy and soft. Also, I like the carpet to feel clean.
Changing subjects, I watched "Where the Wild Things Are" last night because Netflix was kind enough to recommend it to me. I've seen many movies in my life and liked most of them for some reason or another, and I liked "Wild Things" because the puppetry and and technical stuff were really cool, and the whole film was really neat to look at. Other than those things, though, I'm not so sure I liked the movie....The crazy boy in the movie reminds me too well of the out-of-control-kids in the library where I work. And I don't like to take my work home with me. I felt like I was just watching a naughty child revel in his rotten-ness for 2 hours, and when the movie came to its end, the kid just ate his dinner while watching his exhausted, over-worked mom fall asleep at the kitchen table. And then the little snot smiles.
Movies like "Wild Things" make me nervous to have kids of my own someday.
Afterward, to make myself feel better, I finished watching "Angels and Demons" - Adults doing crazy things in movies doesn't seem to bother me as much.

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