Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dance Off!

I had two friends stay at my house last night as they were passing through on their way to Zion National Park. These two friends I met in Korea while we were all teaching English, so it was grand fun to catch up after so long.
We chatted about old times and jammed out with my guitar (that I don't play) and my keyboard (that I do play), but that got old rather fast.
So then we played DDR.
I never was very good at that game, but my friends wanted to play it, so I joined and we had lots and lots of fun. I was rather shocked at how freakin' good my one friend is at that game! She had the process down! I have to admit that I learned how to be better at the game from her technique, and that alone made the game way more fun. A few weeks ago my brother saw and bought a dance mat from the thrift store, so now the game can have two players. It was so fun to have our own little dance off. We played the game for around two hours before we finally gave up and went to bed. I perspired upon my brow. Exercise is gross.

So this weekend is Easter, and I'm looking forward to seeing my extended family and stuff. The weather has been so perfect here in my poor provincial town; I hope that it lasts through the weekend.

After that, I'm heading to Boston! I'm really excited. I've never been to New England so I'm trying to brush up on history and stuff so I know a bit about what I'll be seeing. If anyone reading this has any good ideas of fun stuff to do in Boston, PLEASE comment!

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