Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm a Model. Seriously.

First of all, thanks to you - the readers of this blog - my visitors count passed 1,000 views last week. I'm sure many are from people stumbling upon this blog by accident, but still, thanks! My precious little blog has readers!
Second, the 30 second video I posted about T.O.P. being at EV has 17,354 views at this time of writing. In youtube numbers, that's not so much, but for Brandon numbers, that's huge! And to think, all I had to do was post a video of a celebrity!

And finally, in a totally random moment, I was asked to be in a photo shoot. I was just walking down the street and a guy asked me if I had 5 minutes to be photographed with an iPad. I knew he wasn't going to murder me for two reasons: They were in EV and had to go through security, and they were already taking outdoor pictures of other people.
I asked one of the crew dudes to take photos with MY camera too, and he gladly did!
There were already 4 or 5 "actual" models there, all posing or about to pose with the iPads and smart phones and laptops. This girl was just finishing up before it was my turn.

The next pictures were all taken with my own camera. It was fun and random and a little awkward, but only awkward because I was holding a display (non-working) model of an iPad and pretending it was real, all while smiling like I was having a grand ole time with the thing.

And there I am, breaking into the world of stardom. How many other people can truly say that they were literally asked off the street for a photo shoot? (And I mean a photo shoot that doesn't show sad-looking homeless people to be shown on the news...)
They probably asked me because I look American and my burnt orange shirt and my shoulder bag made me look like a totally average college student.
Also they got me to do it for free, so....yeah...


  1. Sweetness!! So where is this photo supposed to appear?

  2. It's a European Shoulder Bag...

    And everyone knows you use your middle finger on an iPad, not your index finger.